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7 Highly-Rated Apps for Tracking Your Dog’s Health and Overall Wellness

Tracking your pet’s medical records can present challenges. Instead of relying on paper or memory, explore apps specifically designed for this purpose. These apps offer security and simplicity, allowing you to effortlessly stay updated on and connected to your pet’s health records. We offer a selection of the best dog apps for health tracking.

#1 Dog Buddy

This application serves as a digital diary exclusively for your canine companion. You will be able to conveniently monitor your dog’s weight, medications, milestones, vaccinations, vet visits, allergies, and any other pertinent information.

This app eliminates the need for manual record-keeping and excessive paperwork. Simply access the app during your veterinary appointments for easy retrieval of your dog’s health-related data.

#2 VitusVet

VitusVet offers a seamless solution for consolidating your pets’ information in a single, user-friendly platform. This excellent tool allows you to:

  • Record and track critical health metrics
  • Monitor medication schedules
  • Store microchip and pet insurance details
  • Highlight allergies and medical alerts
  • Set reminders for prescription and food refills
  • Manage appointments with veterinarians and groomers.

#3 PitPat

The PitPat app serves as the ultimate pet exercise tracker. Primarily designed for dogs wearing a collar, it’s not exclusively limited to dogs! The app itself is free to use, but it requires the PitPat collar for pairing. The collar is reasonably priced at around $39. It is a justifiable investment if tracking your pet’s health and fitness is a top priority for you.

PitPat ensures that their tracker is both compact and lightweight, ensuring that your dog won’t even notice its presence. Once you’ve paired the PitPat collar with the app on your phone, you’ll have the ability to monitor your pet’s daily exercise and activity. You’ll receive detailed insights into walking, running, playing, and resting durations, as well as information about distance traveled and calories burned.

Whichever pet care app you choose, you may find it difficult to find. Unfortunately, the health tracker app may not be available in your region. There is a solution, you should think about changing country in the Google Play Store. For this idea, you need a good VPN app that will allow you to virtually move to another region. A good option is VeePN which has thousands of servers in 90 countries. Just change your region and many of the applications that were previously blocked will become available to you.

#4 MyPet Reminders

If you find it difficult to recall important vet appointments or when to administer your pup’s medication, then MyPet Reminders is the perfect application for you. Simply create a profile, and this app will provide reminders for a range of events.

Here you can include a schedule of vaccinations, scheduled visits to the veterinarian, deworming, birthdays, etc.

#5 Pet Master Pro

The Pet Master Pro app is an exceptional tool for organizing your pet’s medical records. With this app, you can easily manage vital information such as vaccinations, identification numbers, medications, insurance details, and weight history.

No matter where you are, all of your dog’s medical info will be conveniently accessible on your phone, ensuring quick access during visits to the veterinarian. Simply input the necessary information into the app, and you’re all set.

#6 PuppyDoc

This activity tracker comes in three vibrant colors: White, Pink, and Blue. It weighs just 1.76 ounces, making it lightweight and convenient. The PuppyDoc Activity Tracker is a versatile device and application that empowers you to monitor and optimize your dog’s health and well-being.

If your busy lifestyle prevents you from devoting 100% attention to your pet, the PuppyDoc activity tracker is the perfect solution. Take charge of your dog’s health, understand their behavior patterns, and effortlessly share updates with your family.

Additionally, the tracker enables you to keep track of your dog’s location if it ever wanders out of sight. Enjoy the ease of monitoring and managing your dog’s behavior with this user-friendly activity tracker.

#7 FitBark

The FitBark Tracker provides updates on your dog’s health and location. It notifies you when your dog strays or leaves your area. The app monitors anxiety levels, skin conditions, and overall health. You can also connect your Fitbit to manage your health alongside your dog’s.

  • Ensure your pet’s safety with escape alerts and quick tracking using the FitBark tracker.
  • A monthly subscription may be required to access all features.
  • Monitor your pet’s sleep, skin condition, anxiety, and more.
  • The lightweight FitBark doesn’t burden your dog’s neck or collar.


All living beings require care and we, as good owners, provide it to them. The only question is whether you will keep all this in your head or trust the applications. The upside is that they also provide additional valuable information that we may not have known or missed.

If you are not one of those who refuse any help, then you should consider using apps.

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