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Fish Sauce for Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Fish Sauce? Read Here FIRST

One of the basic spices that almost every home owns is fish sauce.

Therefore, it is not surprising to find one in most households.

Fish sauce has a nice taste, but unfortunately it has a pretty strong smell to it.

In this article we’ll take a look at fish sauce and answer the question ‘can dogs eat fish sauce?’.

What is Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce is a type of liquid condiment that can be prepared from either fish or krill that have been salted and fermented for anywhere from six months to two years.

The cuisines of East Asia and Southeast Asia, in especially those of Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, use it as a basic spice ingredient in their dishes.

Fish sauces that are linked to garum have been used in Western cuisine ever since the time of the Romans.

As a result of its capacity to impart a rich umami flavor to food, it has gained popularity among professional and amateur cooks all over the world.

Fish sauce can be added as a flavor at any point during or after the cooking process.

It also serves as the foundation for many dipping sauces.

Can dogs Eat Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce is safe for dogs to eat in small amounts.

You should only give your dog fish sauce in very small amounts and at irregular intervals because it is quite salty.

You should never make fish sauce a normal part of your dog’s diet.

Instead, only offer it to them as an occasional treat.

Your dog will enjoy the flavor of fish sauce.

Usually, adding one tablespoon to the food you give your pet will be adequate.

If you offer your dog more than that tiny amount, they may not eat it because the food is already too salty.

It is highly advised to give your pet plenty of water before adding fish sauce to its meal. 

This is so you can flush out some of the salt.

By doing so, you can keep your pet from absorbing too much salt and being dehydrated.

Can Fish Sauce Make A Dog Sick?

If a dog consumes a significant amount of fish sauce, it is possible for the dog to have digestive issues, including diarrhea.

Fish sauce has a high concentration of salt, which can be taxing on the body and cause dehydration.

In addition to that, it has glutamate, which is a substance that is known to be harmful to dogs.

Feeding Your Dog Fish Sauce

Can dogs eat fish sauce

Dogs may be enticed by the pleasant scent of fish sauce since it contains fish.

As a result, getting your dog to eat fish sauce probably won’t be a problem.

You can also just add a few drops of fish sauce to your dogs normal food.

A few drops is enough to make your dog interested, and you don’t risk them having too much salt.

Even so, make sure that the food you provide your dog does not include an excessive amount of fish sauce.

Because it contains an excessive amount of salt, giving it to your pet in large quantities can result in certain issues.

Always keep in mind that even though fish sauce is completely harmless for canines, we do not recommend giving it to them as a doggy treat.

Are There Any Risks?

As I previously stated, fish sauce is not a staple of a dog’s diet.

Fish sauce feeding hence carries certain possible risks; even if it is safe.

You must be conscious of these dangers.

You will be able to use fish sauce more cautiously when adding it to your pet’s diet as a result.

Salt Intake

Fish sauce is excessively salty for dogs, as I already mentioned. So even though it is not toxic per say, administering too much can be harmful.

This is why we recommend only a tablespoon of fish sauce.

Remember to give your dog lots of water also; to help curb the effects of too much salt.

Do Not Give Fish Sauce By Itself

Your pet shouldn’t consume fish sauce on its own because it is very salty.

Therefore, it is advisable to serve fish sauce blended with other bland foods if you intend to provide it.

Don’t feed your pet fish sauce unless there is also other food and lots of water available.

Do Dogs Like Fish Sauce?

Most dogs will.

Fish sauce is popular among dogs because of its salty flavor and potent aroma.

Thus, if their dog is being choosy about their food, many owners substitute fish sauce for it in the meal.

Any pet food can be made more appetizing to a dog’s appetite by adding fish sauce’s flavor and aroma.


Fish sauce has a salty flavor, and it also has a very pungent odor, which is why dogs enjoy eating it.

Therefore, many individuals use fish sauce for their dog’s dinner if their canine companion is finicky about their food.

Any kind of dog food can be made more appetizing to a dog’s sense of smell and taste by adding fish sauce.

However, because of the potential for increased saltiness, fish sauce should never be used in excess.

By doing so, you may avoid creating any unnecessary health problems for your pet.