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Can Dogs Eat Heart of Palm? What You Should Know

Depending on where you live, you may have heard of Heart of Palm. A well known salad in Brazil has long been a favorite. But, can dogs eat Heart of Palm, too?

Continue reading to see our answer, and why.

What is Heart of Palm?

The “hearts” of palm plants are precisely what they sound like: the very center, or “hearts,” of palm trees.

Palm cabbage, palmito, and chonta are all names that can be used to refer to hearts of palm.

In addition to Central and South America, these plants can be found growing in Florida, and are the official state tree.

The palms were made to grow with more than one stem.

Over the period of six to nine months, just one stem will be picked from each plant.

By the time the farmers reach to the final stem, new shoots will have emerged, and the cycle will start all over again.

This is significant because it indicates that the plant may continue to thrive without being chopped down as a crop would be.

It is necessary to strip the leaves away from the stem before eating or preparing the vegetable since the heart is located within the stem.

Can Dogs Eat Heart of Palm?

Heart of Palm is not known to be toxic to dogs.

With that said, there is very little information available pertaining to this.

Since each dog can be different, it is always best to speak to your local veterinarian to ensure it is safe.

Is Heart of Palm a Vegetable?

Can dogs eat heart of palm

Yes, Heart of Palm is a white vegetable, typically found in tropical regions.

There are a few other names for Heart of Palm, such as:

  • Palmito
  • Swamp cabbage
  • Chonta
  • Palm cabbage

Rarely do people eat Heart of Palm when it’s fresh.

How to Prepare Heart of Palm

It is necessary to cut the stem the long ways with a sharp knife in order to remove the outer sheath before utilizing the stem.

The part at the middle of the heart will separate.

Throw away the covering. The whole bottom part may be consumed.

Depending on the requirements of the recipe, you may either chop, cube, or slice the ingredient.

The young leaves at the top of the stem, the heart at the base of the stem, and the whole broad base are all edible parts of the Heart of Palm.

All are wonderful whether eaten fresh, barely cooked, or marinated.

Foods That Can Contain Heart of Palm

Heart of Palm is wonderful when eaten raw and may be added to salads or vegetable trays.

Many people will grill the Heart of Palm and add it to their salads.

Heart of palm may be chopped into cubes or bits and added to roasted vegetables.

Alternatively, you may marinate the cubes for a unique vegetarian poke bowl.

Try cooking heart of palm with chicken stock, leeks, and a small amount of cream or macadamia milk for a creamy, carb-free alternative to potato-leek soup.


Heart of Palm is not known to be toxic to dogs.

However, there is very little research available pertaining to this.

Heart of Palm does provide some benefits to humans, and does not contain any individual ingredients known to harm dogs.

Can dogs eat Heart of Palm? Most likely.

However, we feel you should check with your vet before making a decision.

As always, we feel that you should stick to feeding your dog foods that are specifically made for them.