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Can Dogs Eat Mamey Sapote? Do NOT Confuse These Two!!

Can dogs eat mamey sapote? Perhaps after eating a ripe and fresh mamey sapote, you wondered whether it would make a tasty dog treat.

But is it okay dogs to eat this fruit?

Can it be a dietary supplement for them?

Can Dogs Eat Mamey Sapote?

Yes, mamey sapote is completely safe for dogs to eat, when prepared properly. Here in the United States, there is often much confusion about tropical fruits due to the lack of reliable research and the prevalence of false information.

Mamey sapote and mamey, a fruit that resembles a coconut, and is poisonous to dogs, are often confused.

Ensure that you are not giving your dog the incorrect fruit.

Additionally, you must consult your veterinarian before adding any new foods to your diet. Here are some reasons why mamey sapote is safe for dogs to consume.

Can Dogs eat mamey sapote

Benefits of Mamey Sapote

  • Ascorbic acid has the most effect on how acidic mamey is. This is because ascorbic acid is needed to make bone tissue, dentin, collagen, and the walls of blood vessels.
  • Saturated fatty acids found in it aid in the body’s absorption of vitamins K, A, and D.
  • Potassium is found in abundance in this food and is essential for proper nerve and muscle contraction.


  • Because of the high sugar content, this fruit should be given with caution to overweight animals or those suffering from diseases like diabetes.
  • Although the shell contains carotenoid pigments that may be helpful, the shell’s molecular structure may be indigestible to dogs.
  • Dogs can’t eat the seeds in significant numbers because they can’t metabolize the high levels of fatty acids inside of them.

However, studies have found that the seeds of the mamey-sapote tree’s fruits are dried in the sun, shredded, and combined with coconut oil.

To deter flies, fleas and ticks, the resulting paste is applied to dogs in Trinidad and Tobago.

Research is still needed to confirm the method’s efficacy, though.

Potential Risks

There are no recognized dangers from giving Mamey to dogs.

However, it is crucial to introduce it gradually and in modest quantities at first, like with any new food.

This will enable you to determine if your dog is allergic to the fruit or sensitive to it.

Can Dogs Eat Mamey Fruit?

Dogs should not consume mamey fruit. Poison is present in its seeds and leaves.

It has also been reported that dogs, among other animals, may die after being exposed to a highly concentrated extract of mamey fruit.


Dogs may enjoy a nibble of mamey without worry.

It’s nourishing for your dog in terms of vitamins and minerals, and it may also aid digestion.

Keep in mind that you should NOT give your dogs mamey fruit, because of the toxicity in the seeds.

However, mamey sapote is perfectly fine.