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Can Dogs Eat Pirates Booty? New Findings! [2023]

Who doesn’t love the cheesy goodness and satisfying crunch of Pirate’s Booty snacks? They’re a hit with kids and adults alike! Plus, they’re free from any artificial stuff, which means we can all munch on them without any worries. But what about our four-legged buddies? Can our dogs join in on the Pirate’s Booty snack time fun?

Is it safe for our furry friends’ health to snack on these cheesy treats? In this chat, we’ll explore what’s actually in Pirate’s Booty snacks. We’ll also discuss how these ingredients could impact your dog’s digestion.

This info will help you figure out if you should let your pup join the Pirate’s Booty party or keep the cheesy snacks all to yourself.

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What Is Pirates Booty?

This snack is a yummy mix of puffed rice, cornmeal, and cheddar cheese. It’s one of the tastiest cheese puff snacks you can pick up from your local grocery store.

You’ll recognize it by its eye-catching dark blue and cream packaging. The idea for Pirate’s Booty came from a guy named Robert Ehrlich back in 1987. He really hit the nail on the head with this recipe!

One of the great things about Pirate’s Booty is that it doesn’t have any scary ingredients. It’s just good, simple food. That’s probably why it quickly became a favorite in many American homes. So next time you’re at the store, why not give it a try? Your dog might just thank you!

Ingredients Of Pirates Booty

Pirate’s Booty is made from simple, high-quality ingredients that make it a tasty and better-for-you snack option.

  • Rice Flour – This gluten-free flour made from ground rice gives Pirate’s Booty its light, crispy texture. Rice flour contains carbohydrates, small amounts of protein and fiber, and B vitamins like thiamin and niacin.
  • Cornmeal – Stone ground yellow cornmeal provides texture and grit. It also adds fiber, antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, and minerals including phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Aged Cheddar Cheese – Real cheddar cheese gives the puffs authentic cheese flavor. Aged cheddar is a good source of protein and calcium. The aging process creates calcium lactate crystals that provide crunch.
  • Sunflower Oil – The sunflower oil used to cook Pirate’s Booty adds heart-healthy fats and vitamin E. Sunflower oil has a high smoke point for quick, clean puffing.
  • Buttermilk – Cultured buttermilk gives Pirate’s Booty a subtle tangy flavor. Its acids react with baking soda, causing the puffs to inflate. Buttermilk also adds protein, calcium, and vitamin B12.
  • Natural Flavors – Natural flavors like citric acid and annatto extract enhance the cheddar cheese taste. Annatto provides a golden color.
  • Sea Salt – A touch of sea salt seasons the puffs. Sea salt contains trace minerals like potassium, iron, and zinc.
  • Organic Black Pepper – The pepper variety includes organic black pepper for a bit of heat. Black pepper aids digestion and contains antioxidants.

In general, it’s a healthier option than the typical salty cheese snacks.

Can Dogs Eat Pirates Booty?

Absolutely! These cheese-flavored treats can be a fun snack for your dog, as long as you don’t go overboard. Just like us, dogs can have too much of a good thing, and too much Pirate’s Booty could lead to some not-so-great symptoms.

Remember, these snacks have a tad bit of salt and lactose. Most dogs, even the older ones, should be able to handle those in small amounts. But, just like humans, some dogs can’t tolerate lactose very well. If your dog is one of them, they might end up with an upset stomach or diarrhea.

And don’t forget about allergies. Some dogs might be allergic to certain ingredients in the cheese puffs, like black pepper. So, always keep an eye out for any signs of an allergic reaction.

Pirate’s Booty is a popular snack choice because it’s made with fewer potentially harmful chemicals, additives, and no preservatives. But, it’s not all good news. They still contain things like salt, oil, and corn, which aren’t the healthiest for dogs if eaten in large amounts.

So, while Pirate’s Booty can be a tasty treat for your furry friend, remember to keep it a once-in-a-while snack. Too much of it can still lead to potential health issues. Your dog’s health and well-being should always be your top priority, after all!

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Pirates Booty?

We all know our cuddly canines can be pretty lively and curious, right? And sometimes, that curiosity leads to some snack sneaking. You might turn your back for a moment only to find your furry buddy has polished off a whole bag of Pirates Booty treats.

If that happens, your pooch could wind up feeling a bit out of sorts. They could seem tired, confused, and might even throw up if they’re having trouble digesting the lactose in the treats.

But don’t panic just yet. Thankfully, dogs have some serious stomach acid that can help break down those cheese puffs. Given some time, most dogs bounce back without any big issues.

However, if your pet has an allergy to anything in the cheese puffs, that’s a different story. It could lead to some real health problems. If your dog starts having diarrhea or loses interest in their food, it’s a good idea to chat with your vet.

And while your pup is on the mend, make sure they have lots of fresh water and wholesome food. This will help replace lost fluids and keep them safe as they recover.

If for some reason you can’t get your furry friend to a vet, don’t worry – there’s help available. There are plenty of pet care websites that can offer advice. Or, in an emergency, you can reach out to your local animal shelter. They often have knowledgeable folks who can help guide you through caring for your sick pup.

What Happens if Fido Gets a Hold of Pirate’s Booty?

Regardless of breed, dogs should avoid chowing down on a lot of Pirate’s Booty. It’s not great for their stomachs, and could even be toxic.

Pushing your pup to eat this could lead to serious health issues. We definitely don’t want to put our furry friends in harm’s way!

Dehydration Risk

Even though Pirate’s Booty popcorn and other similar snacks might seem okay because they have fewer harmful chemicals, they can still make your pup sick. One of the big dangers is dehydration.

While these snacks don’t have a ton of sodium, they still pack a salty punch that could lead to sodium ion toxicity. This salt can make your dog drink more than usual, which could end up leading to dehydration.

That’s not all, though. The salt can also cause seizures, shaking, and upset stomachs. In extreme cases, it could even be life-threatening for your beloved pet.

Digestive Difficulties

A main ingredient in Pirate’s Booty is corn, which is partly why it’s not a good snack for dogs. Corn, and a few other foods, can cause allergic reactions in our four-legged friends.

Corn kernels are tough to break down, so they could cause stomach issues. Plus, the additives in Pirate’s Booty can lead to an upset tummy, cramping, diarrhea, gas, swelling, and even vomiting.

It’s also possible for these snacks to cause a fiery sensation in the stomach or even inflammatory bowel disease.

Kidney Concerns and Weight Woes

Letting your dog eat too much Pirate’s Booty isn’t going to do them any favors. If they consistently snack on it, they could develop kidney disease due to the snack’s high salt and sodium content, and the risk of dehydration.

On top of that, the chemicals, proteins, and butter in Pirate’s Booty could make your dog gain weight, which can lead to other health problems. So, it’s best to stick to dog-approved snacks for your furry friend!

What to Do if Your Dog Overindulges on Pirates Booty

Knowing what steps to take if your furry friend gets into the Pirates Booty popcorn can be really helpful. Generally, a little bit of popcorn won’t do your pooch any harm, but if they gobble up too much, it could cause some problems.

Dealing with Tummy Troubles

If your dog has had a popcorn feast, they might end up with some serious tummy issues. Popcorn, especially the ones with corn kernels, can be really tough for dogs to digest.

A great way to help your dog’s digestive system recover is to tweak their diet a bit. Try to give them boiled, simple foods for a while, just to give their system a break. It’s really important to give your dog food that they can easily digest.

Handling Dehydration

Salt is really bad for dogs and eating too much can make them sick. Pirates Booty popcorn naturally has salt in it, so it can be a problem if your dog eats too much.

One way to help with this is to make sure your dog is drinking plenty of water to combat any dehydration. But if you think your dog might have sodium poisoning from eating too much salt, you should definitely take them to the vet. They can check to see if your dog’s sodium level is too high and figure out the best treatment.

When to Call the Vet

If your dog is still feeling sick and is vomiting, feeling weak, running a fever, or has diarrhea, it might be time to call the vet. If your dog’s symptoms aren’t getting better, it’s always best to get professional advice.


In simpler terms, it’s okay for your furry friend to have a little bit of Pirate Booty. This snack is made up of corn, salt, and a mix of sweet things like almonds and raisins.

However, just like with any treat, too much of a good thing can upset your dog’s tummy. It can even lead to some serious health issues like stomach upset, dehydration, lack of salt, seizures, and throwing up. If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait – take your pup to the vet right away.

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