Do Bernedoodles like to swim

Do Bernedoodles Like to Swim? Their SPLASHY Side!

When it comes to our furry friends, understanding their habits and preferences is key to ensuring their happiness and well-being. One question that often arises for owners of Bernedoodles, a charming mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, is do Bernedoodles like to swim.

This question is not just about fun and games, but also about safety and comfort for your pet. In this article, we will jump into the swimming habits of Bernedoodles, exploring their natural inclinations, potential fears, and how to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for them in the water.

Whether you’re a current Bernedoodle owner or considering adopting one, this comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights into this aspect of their behavior.

Do Bernedoodles Like to Swim?

Most Bernedoodles do like to swim, but not all of them. Why do Bernedoodles like water? Well, the Poodle, one of the Bernedoodle’s parent breeds, is a water dog. So, many Bernedoodles inherit a natural love of the water. However, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the other parent breed, is not a water dog, so some Bernedoodles may not take to swimming as easily.

General Swimming Habits of Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles can indeed swim, and they often enjoy it. In a survey conducted among eight Bernedoodle owners, all reported that their Bernedoodles could swim, and seven out of eight stated that their Bernedoodles liked to swim or at least play in shallow water1.

However, like any breed, individual Bernedoodles may have different preferences. Some may love the water, while others may prefer to stay on dry land.

Comparison of Bernedoodles’ Swimming Habits with Other Breeds

Compared to other breeds, Bernedoodles’ love for water can be attributed to their Poodle heritage. Poodles are known for their affinity for water and were historically used as water retrievers. On the other hand, Bernese Mountain Dogs, the other breed that makes up Bernedoodles, are not particularly known for their love of water, being more accustomed to the mountains and snow.

Therefore, a Bernedoodle’s love for swimming can vary depending on which parent breed they take after more.

Understanding Why Bernedoodles Swim

Bernedoodles are known to be a playful and energetic breed that enjoys various activities, including swimming. There are several reasons why Bernedoodles might take to the water.

Common Reasons for Bernedoodles’ Love for Swimming

Bernedoodles often find swimming to be a fun and stimulating activity. This breed is known for its high energy levels and need for physical stimulation, and swimming provides an excellent outlet for these needs. Swimming allows Bernedoodles to burn off energy while also keeping cool, especially during the warmer months.

Different Situations Can Trigger Swimming

The environment and situation can also play a significant role in whether a Bernedoodle enjoys swimming. For instance, if a Bernedoodle is introduced to water in a positive and fun way from a young age, they are more likely to enjoy swimming. On the other hand, a Bernedoodle that has had negative experiences with water may be more hesitant to swim.

It’s also worth noting that individual personality traits can influence a Bernedoodle’s affinity for swimming. Some Bernedoodles may naturally be more adventurous and curious, leading them to be more inclined to explore and enjoy the water.

Training Bernedoodles to Swim

Training a Bernedoodle to swim can be a rewarding experience for both the dog and the owner. It not only provides a great form of exercise for the dog, but it can also be a fun bonding activity.

Importance of Early Training

Introducing your Bernedoodle to water at a young age can be beneficial. Puppies are often more open to new experiences and can learn to enjoy swimming from an early age. However, it’s important to ensure that these experiences are positive and safe. Never force your Bernedoodle into the water, as this can create fear and anxiety.

Strategies for Teaching Bernedoodles to Swim

Start by introducing your Bernedoodle to shallow water, allowing them to get used to the sensation of water on their paws. You can gradually increase the depth as they become more comfortable. Using a dog life jacket can also be helpful, especially in the beginning stages of learning to swim. It can provide your Bernedoodle with a sense of security and help them stay afloat.

Role of Positive Reinforcement in Training

Positive reinforcement plays a crucial role in training Bernedoodles to swim. Praise your Bernedoodle when they show interest in the water and reward them for going in. Treats, toys, or playtime can be used as rewards.

This will help associate swimming with positive experiences, making your Bernedoodle more likely to enjoy it. Remember, patience is key when training your Bernedoodle to swim. It may take time, but the end result will be worth it.

Bernedoodles and Water Safety

While swimming can be a fun and healthy activity for Bernedoodles, it’s important to be aware of potential dangers and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Potential Dangers in Large Bodies of Water

Large bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, or the ocean can pose certain risks to Bernedoodles. These can include strong currents, deep water, or harmful organisms. It’s crucial to be aware of these risks and to keep a close eye on your Bernedoodle while they’re in the water. Never leave your Bernedoodle unattended near a large body of water.

Tips for Ensuring Safety While Swimming

There are several steps you can take to ensure your Bernedoodle’s safety while swimming.

Using a Dog Life Jacket

First, consider using a dog life jacket, especially if your Bernedoodle is still learning to swim or if you’re in a large body of water. This can provide an extra layer of safety and help your Bernedoodle stay afloat.

Supervising Your Bernedoodle

Second, always supervise your Bernedoodle while they’re swimming. Even if your Bernedoodle is a strong swimmer, it’s important to keep an eye on them to ensure they’re safe.

Being Aware of Water Temperature

Finally, be aware of the water temperature. Cold water can be a shock to your Bernedoodle’s system and can lead to hypothermia. Always make sure the water is a safe temperature before allowing your Bernedoodle to swim.

The Role of Regular Exercise in Encouraging Swimming

Exercise plays a crucial role in a Bernedoodle’s overall health and well-being. It not only keeps them physically fit but also mentally stimulated. Swimming, in particular, can be an excellent form of exercise for Bernedoodles, offering a host of benefits.

Importance of Regular Exercise in Promoting Swimming

Regular exercise can significantly contribute to a Bernedoodle’s inclination towards swimming. It helps them build strength, stamina, and confidence, all of which are essential for swimming. Moreover, incorporating swimming into their exercise routine can make the activity more enjoyable for them, thereby encouraging them to swim more often.

Recommended Exercise Routines Involving Swimming for Bernedoodles

When it comes to exercise routines involving swimming, it’s important to start slow and gradually increase the intensity and duration. You can begin with short, supervised swimming sessions in a shallow body of water. As your Bernedoodle becomes more comfortable and skilled, you can introduce them to deeper water and longer swimming sessions.

Incorporating games and toys into these sessions can also make them more fun and engaging for your Bernedoodle. For instance, you can use floating toys for a game of fetch in the water. This not only provides exercise but also helps improve their swimming skills.

Bernedoodles and Interaction with Other Animals in Water

Bernedoodles, like many other dogs, are social creatures. Their interactions with other animals, especially in a unique environment like water, can greatly influence their behavior and comfort levels.

How Bernedoodles React to Other Animals in Water

Bernedoodles’ reactions to other animals in water can vary greatly depending on their individual personalities and experiences. Some Bernedoodles may be excited and playful, eager to engage with other animals in the water. Others may be more cautious or even fearful, particularly if they are not used to being around other animals or are new to swimming.

Importance of Socialization in Promoting Positive Interactions in Water

Socialization plays a key role in promoting positive interactions between Bernedoodles and other animals in water. Exposing your Bernedoodle to other animals in a controlled and safe water environment can help them become more comfortable and confident. It can also teach them appropriate behavior when interacting with other animals in the water.

It’s important to monitor these interactions closely, especially in the beginning, to ensure that they are positive experiences for your Bernedoodle. Over time, these interactions can help enhance your Bernedoodle’s love for swimming and their overall water safety.

Caring for Your Bernedoodle Post-Swimming

After a fun-filled day of swimming, it’s essential to properly care for your Bernedoodle to ensure their health and comfort. This includes cleaning and grooming tasks that help remove any potential irritants from their coat and skin.

Importance of Cleaning and Grooming After Swimming

Swimming, while enjoyable for your Bernedoodle, can expose them to various elements like chlorine, salt, or dirt, which can stick to their fur and skin. If not properly cleaned, these elements can cause skin irritation or even infections. Furthermore, a wet coat can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi if not dried properly.

Tips for Post-Swimming Care

Here are some tips to ensure your Bernedoodle stays clean and healthy after their swimming adventures:

  • Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse your Bernedoodle with clean, fresh water after swimming. This helps to remove any chlorine, salt, or dirt from their coat.
  • Dry Properly: Dry your Bernedoodle thoroughly using a towel or a dog-friendly blow dryer. Ensure their undercoat is dry as well to prevent any bacterial or fungal growth.
  • Check Ears: Bernedoodles have floppy ears that can trap water, leading to ear infections. Make sure to check and dry their ears after swimming.
  • Brush Their Coat: Brushing helps to remove any tangles from their coat that may have formed while swimming. It also helps to distribute natural oils, keeping their coat healthy and shiny.
  • Hydrate: Swimming can be a strenuous activity for your Bernedoodle. Make sure they have access to fresh water to stay hydrated.


Understanding your Bernedoodle’s affinity for water and their swimming habits is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. While Bernedoodles often enjoy swimming, it’s crucial to remember that each dog is unique, and their love for water can vary. Training, regular exercise, and positive reinforcement can significantly encourage your Bernedoodle to swim, providing them with a fun and effective way to stay active.

However, safety should always be a priority. Ensuring your Bernedoodle’s safety while swimming, and taking care of their grooming needs post-swimming, can help maintain their health and happiness. So, do Bernedoodles like to swim? Yes, they often do, but it’s our responsibility as pet owners to make sure they do so safely and enjoyably.

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