Why Shih Tzus Are the Worst Dogs

Why Shih Tzus Are the Worst Dogs: 13 Reasons [2023]

Shih Tzus, with their adorable faces and flowing coats, are often considered one of the most charming breeds in the canine world. However, like every breed, they come with their own set of quirks and characteristics that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The title “Why Shih Tzus are the worst dogs” might raise eyebrows, especially among their ardent admirers. But before jumping to conclusions, it’s essential to understand that this article aims to shed light on the humorous and exaggerated aspects of the breed’s personality and physical traits.

While some might find these traits endearing, others might consider them as reasons for the Shih Tzu’s “worst dog” tag. Dive in as we explore the 13 reasons that have earned Shih Tzus this playful criticism, all while acknowledging the countless positive attributes that make them beloved pets worldwide.

The Shih Tzu’s Personality

Shih Tzus, often referred to as the “little lion dogs”, have a personality that’s larger than their small stature. Their temperament is a mix of endearing qualities and some traits that might be a tad too much for certain individuals.

1. Desperate For Love And Cuddles

One of the most prominent characteristics of Shih Tzus is their insatiable desire for affection. They thrive on love and cuddles, often to the point where they’ll demand your attention, even if you’re in the middle of something important. Their cute antics to get your attention can be both heartwarming and, at times, a bit overwhelming.

2. Want To Be Buddies With Everyone

Shih Tzus don’t believe in the concept of strangers. To them, everyone is a potential friend waiting to be smothered with their affection. While this trait makes them great for social settings, it also means they’re not the best watchdogs. Don’t expect them to be your home’s security system!

3. Super Clingy

Independence is not a word in the Shih Tzu’s dictionary. They prefer being by your side, following you around like a tiny shadow. While their loyalty is commendable, this clinginess can sometimes feel a bit stifling, especially if you’re someone who values personal space.

4. Not Funny At All

Contrary to this heading, Shih Tzus are quite the comedians. Their playful antics and quirky behaviors can keep you entertained for hours. However, their idea of fun might sometimes be at odds with yours, especially when they decide that your favorite shoe is their new chew toy.

5. Super Yappy

Shih Tzus have a lot to say, and they don’t shy away from expressing themselves. Their vocal nature means they’ll bark at the slightest noise or movement. While this can be endearing to some, for others, it might be a tad too noisy. As long as it isn’t a sign of your Shih Tzu being aggressive, this is completely normal.

Physical Characteristics of Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus, with their regal appearance and toy-like size, are often the center of attention wherever they go. Their physical attributes, while endearing to many, can also be a source of amusement and sometimes concern.

6. Their Size Is Ridiculous

Shih Tzus belong to the toy breed group, and their small stature is both a blessing and a curse. Weighing between 9 to 16 pounds and standing about 9 to 10.5 inches tall, their compact size makes them perfect lap dogs.

However, their tiny frame also means they can be easily overlooked, leading to potential accidents, especially in households with larger pets or young children.

7. Coat Colors and Their Variety

Shih Tzus boast a luxurious double coat that comes in a plethora of colors. From solid black, white, or blue to combinations like black and white, red and white, or even brindle, the variety is astounding. This wide range of coat colors adds to their appeal, ensuring there’s a Shih Tzu for every aesthetic preference.

8. Hilarious Haircuts

The Shih Tzu’s long, flowing coat is a canvas for various haircuts. From the “puppy cut” that gives them a forever-young appearance to the “lion cut” emphasizing their “lion dog” moniker, the possibilities are endless. However, their hair grows continuously, necessitating regular grooming sessions.

9. The Underbite Issue

A distinct feature of many Shih Tzus is their underbite. While this gives them a unique, almost cheeky appearance, it can sometimes lead to dental issues. Regular dental check-ups are essential to ensure their teeth remain healthy.

In all their physical quirks and characteristics, Shih Tzus are a blend of elegance and comedy. Their appearance, combined with their spirited personality, makes them a breed like no other. For a more in-depth look at their physical attributes, this source provides a comprehensive overview.

Training and Living with Shih Tzus

Shih Tzus, with their royal lineage and affectionate nature, can be a joy to have around. However, living with them and training them comes with its own set of challenges and rewards.

10. Challenges in Housebreaking

Training a Shih Tzu, especially when it comes to housebreaking, can be a test of patience. They are known for their stubborn streak, which can make potty training a prolonged affair.

Consistency, positive reinforcement, and patience are key. It’s not uncommon for new Shih Tzu owners to seek professional training assistance to navigate this initial hurdle.

12. Hypoallergenic Nature

One of the significant advantages of having a Shih Tzu is their hypoallergenic coat. This means they produce fewer allergens compared to other breeds, making them an excellent choice for individuals with allergies.

Their hair-like coat doesn’t shed in the same way other breeds do, which can reduce the spread of allergens in the home. However, this also means they require regular grooming to prevent matting and maintain skin health.

13. Long Lifespan Commitment

Shih Tzus are known for their longevity, often living well into their teens. While this means many years of companionship, it also signifies a long-term commitment. Prospective owners should be prepared for potential geriatric health issues and the emotional and financial responsibilities that come with caring for an aging pet.

Historical Background

The Shih Tzu’s history is as rich and luxurious as its flowing coat, tracing its roots back to ancient civilizations and royal courts.

Ancient Origins in China

The Shih Tzu, often referred to as the “Lion Dog,” is believed to have originated in Tibet and was later bred in China. These dogs were cherished by Chinese royalty, especially during the Ming Dynasty. Their lineage is said to be a mix of the Pekingese and the Lhasa Apso, resulting in the distinct Shih Tzu breed we recognize today.

Role as Bed Warmers for Emperors

Beyond being mere companions, Shih Tzus had a unique role in the royal courts. They were often used as bed warmers for emperors. Their compact size and warm bodies made them perfect for this role, as they would sleep at the feet of the emperors, providing warmth and comfort during cold nights.

This intimate relationship with royalty further elevated their status and importance in ancient Chinese culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about Shih Tzus:

Are Shih Tzus good family pets?

Yes, Shih Tzus are known for their affectionate nature and get along well with both adults and children, making them excellent family pets.

How to groom a Shih Tzu?

Regular brushing is essential to prevent matting. It’s also recommended to trim their hair, especially around the eyes and feet, and give them a full groom every 6-8 weeks.

What are common health issues in Shih Tzus?

Shih Tzus can be prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia, ear infections, and dental problems. Regular check-ups with a vet can help in early detection and management.


In the vast world of canine companions, Shih Tzus certainly stand out with their unique characteristics and rich history. While they might have certain quirks that some label as reasons they are the “worst dogs,” it’s essential to remember that every breed has its strengths and challenges.

Whether you adore their clingy nature or are amused by their hilarious haircuts, Shih Tzus undeniably leave a lasting impression.

When considering why Shih Tzus are the worst dogs, it’s important to approach the topic with a sense of humor and understanding, recognizing that every dog, regardless of breed, brings a unique blend of joy and challenges to our lives.

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